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If you didn’t know we brought some new products into the salon and they’re BEAUTIFUL! I mean how could you not buy it based on the packaging alone… Now let’s give you all the info on these products!

We make some of the most high-performance and clean products for hair, skin, and scalp in the world.  But we’re doing a lot more than just that. Join us in a movement of positive, disruptive change where conscience meets style.

– Cult and King


If you want volume, texture, moisture, and hold JELLY might just be perfect for you. Think of JELLY as a Pink Himalayan salt spray reborn as a weightless, moisturizing botanical nectar. Make your curls curlier, your blowouts bigger, or amplify your natural texture. A little JELLY goes a long way so start with a dime-sized drop, you can always add more!

How do you use it?

Scrunch it into damp hair at the roots for lift, and through your waves and curls. JELLY holds your hair in place while it air dries, or as you diffuse. Your natural texture is amplified, and you’re left with light, bouncy waves, soft curls, and voluminous definition.

Without weight. Without the look of sticky, heavy products in your hair. It will look like your hair just dried on its own. And it did, with a boost to your natural texture from JELLY. Even the straightest hair will find there’s some natural texture in there; set it free.



The transcendental toner for your hair and scalp. A conditioning hair and scalp potion meant to moisturize, balance, refresh, soothe, and exfoliate. Think of it as a leave-in conditioner and a natural detangler. It balances and cools your scalp after a long day at the pool or in the sun!

How do you use it?

After cleansing your hair, give the bottle a good shake to distribute the botanicals. Spray generously throughout your scalp and damp, towel-dried hair. Rub into your scalp, brush through to ends, then style as usual.


Meet your hair again for the first time! Over time, some TONIK users discover that their hair and scalp are different than they thought! Perhaps not as oily or itchy or flaky. Maybe they can go longer between shampoos because their hair holds a style longer, or gets less greasy. Some discover more texture and body than they knew they had.


A botanically infused wonderworking hairspray! SETSPRAY is a light-hold flexible hair spray that’s not tacky, sticky, or crunchy. It’s a hold that you can run your fingers through! We will NOT have helmet hair here!

How do you use it?

Spray on dry hair after style for touchable hold or spray on wet hair after styling to set your style in place as your hair dries. It’s a workable hold, so the more you use, the stiffer it becomes! Control all your frizz and flyaways, SETSPRAY helps keep frizz from popping up if you encounter humid conditions. Just spray your hand and smooth down flyaways if the wind is picking up.


Lucious botanical oils provide massive moisture. Steeped in blueberry antioxidants, pumpkin seed, and jojoba oil. The liquid crystal emulsion formulation in VEGAN BALM mimics the lipidic composition of the skin’s surface for a deep moisturizing effect without oiliness and greasiness.

How do you use it?

Start with a dime-size dab, working it into wet or dry hair to define shape and accentuate texture, curls, and waves, while taming and smoothing ends. You can always add more. Pre-styling before blow-drying or air-drying.

Smooth it on your face and under eyes while you’re at it! The non-greasy, no-alcohol, whipped-creamy, gentle, deep moisture of VEGAN BALM. For daytime and nighttime. Perfect for applying before your sunscreen – which of course, is a must. To use as an eye cream, dab under your eyes to wake up your face. Caffeine and witch hazel make skin look tighter. No more hungover look.


Cult and King isn’t just about making amazing hair products, they’re also making a movement of positive, disruptive change. They’re good for the planet with no single-use plastic, no peanuts, and no bubble wrap. Refills are an important part of their plan, once your bottle or jar is empty, bring it in and we can refill it. It’s cost-effective for you, and planet-effective for everyone!

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