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I’ve had one row of hair extensions for a little over a month and GURLLLL, let me tell you! They have changed my hair for the better. Honestly, I think I’m taking better care of my hair now than I was before… So here’s all of my FAVORITE things about having extensions and what products I’m using!

Why I love my extensions

I naturally have very long hair but it’s very fine, I had thought about extensions before but could never fully commit to them but now I can’t go back. There are so many reasons why I love extensions but here are all the reasons I think you might love extensions:

  • They instantly add volume and body to your hair, who doesn’t want that?
  • Adds INCHES to your length
  • Gives you the perfect confidence boost if you have fine or short hair, seriously, I had an immediate personality change after getting them in!
  • Fills in your face frame if you have breakage or thin hair around your face
  • They can add color to your hair without having to color
  • They hold style way longer than your natural hair


Using good products is so important to maintain the health of your hair ESPECIALLY with extensions. We want your hair to last you as long as possible so this is very important! Your extensions should last you anywhere from 9-12 months.

Wash Day Products

Now, if you’ve never had extensions before you will quickly realize how long a wash day takes, dry shampoo has become my BEST FRIEND. We all love the ENJOY dry shampoo!

  • Color Wow Color Security Shampoo & Color Wow Color Security Conditioner (normal to thick hair)
  • F18 Mask (once a week/every other week)
  • Color Wow Dream Cocktail Coconut
  • Seven Diamond Serum

On wash days I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible before I blow dry, it’s a serious time saver. If you decide to let it fully air dry make sure you blow dry the top of the weft so it doesn’t hold moisture!

Styling / Everyday Products

  • Color Wow Style On Steroids (every time I curl my hair)
  • Color Wow Pop and Lock (depends on how I style my hair)
  • Seven Diamond Serum (EVERY DAY TWICE A DAY)

Styling takes me a tad bit longer than normal but that’s because I have 24″ extensions in BUT the extensions hold curls so much longer so I only have to curl my hair 1-2 times a week.

Extensions by Riley, book here!

Blowout & Extension Club

Doing your own hair can be hard and time consuming. So we made the blowout clubs for the girl who struggles with getting those Pinterest- and IG-worthy, perfectly imperfect curls. Whether it’s a special event, date night, girls night, or just a plain “I don’t feel like messing with it” night, we’ve got the membership for you! Get 2 or 4 blowouts and hot tool styles that will get you through the month, and feeling like your best self. Are you an extension client? Let us wash, condition, and style your hair so you don’t have to! Sign up, HERE!

We’ve got six stylists that specialize in extensions at a few different price points that I trust with my life so you’ll be in great hands no matter who you choose! You might be thinking, Maddie they are so expensive, how am I going to pay for them? I get it, extensions are an investment, and that’s why we’re accepting Afterpay on the hair!


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