Work With Us!

Ready to grow your business?

Moxie gives their team the tools to be able to grow their business, building their dream clientele and gives you unlimited online education to continue your craft.

We don't just hire anyone though, we want stylists who are hungry to grow and to be their absolute best self. Kylie believes if she provides the right atmosphere, you can have the best team possible. 

We're no drama, no competitive artists, we grow together and become the best together.


Working at Moxie provides the freedom of working in a creative space, but gives you the culture of commission. So all the behind the scene business stuff? You don't have to worry about it.

If you're interested in working at Moxie a few tips:

Be eager- Be eager to work in a one of a kind atmosphere and grow your business!

Make sure your marketing game is strong. Kylie is currently coaching stylists to build their online presence, but she loves seeing stylists take creative control in their own marketing strategy. 

Make your work POP. Seriously, what do you have that makes you stand out? Moxie is about having confidence and owning yourself and we pride on making our guest feel the same way.

Be friendly! We don't do egos here, so if you got a chip on your shoulder, you're probably not the best fit.

Be organized- Have your client base organized and ready to go.