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Most curly girls avoid going to the salon simply because they’re rarely happy with how their hair turns out and that is something I’d love to help you and your team change.

Learn KC’s foolproof method of mastering curls behind the chair with creating your dream shape with curly hair. We talk about everything from wavy to super curly curls - discussing proper moisture, porosity, products and Kylie really strives to make sure you understand the importance of adding flowing layers without compromising length. We discuss how to effectively communicate with your curly hair guests so they know exactly what to expect.

Nearly 45 percent of women have wavy or curly hair, and nearly 80 percent would wear their hair curly or wavy if they could choose their own hair.

and we're in the business of educating and helping you conquer curls from behind the chair!

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Let me help you and your team feel more confident behind the chair cutting textured hair and learning how to properly hydrate and style curls the way they should be.

Advanced master curly classes to be announced. 

Classes are for licensed professionals and cosmetology students of all levels.

Classes are typically 5-8 hours long with 2-3 models with different curl types. 
Learn how to communicate, cut, cleanse, style, and gain a loyal client for life.
Admission is $200/person and non-refundable for look and learn.
Admission is $300/person and non-refundable for hands-on.
For travel prices vary, including travel time and expenses.

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“I can’t express my gratitude enough towards my amazing stylist-friend Kylie. She literally has taught me everything I know about curls. For the past 13 years I had been doing it all wrong... & my kids are curly girls 🤦🏼‍♀️

I couldn’t wait to sign up for one of her deva inspired classes.

I you have an opportunity, do not pass this chance by! Hands down it was the best class I have ever attended and worth every penny! Kylie’s very professional, patient, and an amazing educator. I learned how to properly have consultations, product knowledge, cutting techniques for different curl patterns, shampooing (or should I say No Poo), and how to style!

My favorite was how to cut the curls and styling. It was like magic. I’m loving my curly girls and their transformation. I could go on and on with my new deva curl education but instead I’ll just strongly recommend her class!

🙂 Thank you Kylie, for helping me make my curly girls love their hair again and for just everything else you do!”


“I had the privilege to attend a Deva Curl Cutting class by Kylie last August. Her class was very informative. You can tell she is very knowledgeable about curly hair and takes great pride in sharing that knowledge with others.

She had 3-4 models, each with varying types of curl patterns to demonstrate the difference in cutting and styling curls from scalp to scalp.

Her use of actual models, instead of relying on pictures and unrealistic mannequin heads, was extremely helpful. I’ve attended another Deva Curl class, not by Kylie, that did just that and it wasn’t very helpful.

Everyone also got a nice little goodie bag with Deva Styling products and samples.

I would 💯 recommend it to EVERY stylist.”


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