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New Year, New Hair!

It’s officially the season of change and we’re here for it! Change can look different for everyone but let’s talk about some fun changes you can make to your hair this season!

Big and small changes are always welcome! 😉


Starting the year off with a fresh haircut is never a bad thing, your hair with probably thank you for it! Adding layers and face-framing to your hair is the simplest way to slightly change and elevate your hair. Did you know when you add layers it can help give you extra volume?! If you want a super drastic change bobs are SUPER in right now, they’re timeless, and look good on everyone.

Layers by @looksbyliyah & Bob by @thecheerleaderchair!


The easiest way to add fullness, length, or both, extensions will be your best friend! Extensions are an I N V E S T M E N T however, when you properly take care of them they will last you up to a year. The best thing about extensions is they’re fully customizable to you! The options are endless! Schedule a consultation, HERE! The day-to-day maintenance with extensions is pretty easy especially because extensions hold the style better than your natural hair. Plus when you’re heat styling, you’re styling the extensions and not your natural hair.

When it comes to salon maintenance, you’ll need to plan to come in for move-ups every 6-8 weeks max to ensure the grow-out stays seamless and safe.

Extension Install & Color by @rileysstylez!


Changing the color of your hair should be fun and stress-free! The options are ENDLESS when it comes to hair color, the world is truly your oyster. I have never been adventurous when it comes to changing my hair color, but I know so many people love to jump around from color to color and I’m HERE FOR IT!

I will live vicariously through all of you!!!! If you’re conflicted, schedule a consult and come have a chat with our babes about what you’re thinking.

Looking for something a little more budget friendly? Check out our smaller service options like a Money-Piece Moveup or a Girl On The Go. Those are customizable low maintance options, but with a big impact!

Blonde by @rileysstylez & Copper by @looksbyliyah!

Change can look different to everyone no matter what it is and remember it can be a good thing when you’re ready! We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces and amazing hair in the salon this year! Will you try something new?

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