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DON’T do this, but TRY this instead.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to your hair routine because the rules are always changing! Frustrating, I know.

It’s hard for me to keep up and I work in a hair salon!

We all have different background knowledge on what is good and bad for your hair. Want to know some easy changes you can make to your hair routine? Keep reading!

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1. Using Drug Store Shampoo

Drug store shampoo and conditioner is often filled with bad ingredients like sulfates, and parabens that can be damaging and drying to your hair. It’s especially important for the babes who have lightened hair to use good, clean products. If you get products from anywhere but your local hair salon, there’s a chance the products could have fillers, water, or be a completely different product and counterfeit.

No more getting hair products from Amazon, TJ Max, or Marshalls!

F18 will never be sold on Amazon. Gordon has vowed his products will always remain truthful and support the small business who care about honesty.

Gordon Fletcher
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2. Only Shampooing Once

A lot of us use a bunch of products or go several days between washes so it’s important to shampoo twice! The first shampoo LOOSENS up any product buildup and grease that may be on your scalp. The second shampoo REMOVES any product buildup and grease on your scalp! Try going longer between washes if you start shampooing twice! Don’t be worried about drying your hair out, with quality products they’re created to be healthy and gentle plus you use less because they’re more concentrated and not diluted like other brands.

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3. Using Dry Shampoo After Your Hair Is Greasy

It’s like pre-treating a stain before you put your clothes in the washer. Try putting dry shampoo in before your hair is oily. Then when the oil comes, the dry shampoo is already there to soak it up. You can also try using your dry shampoo at night because we often sweat there and our heads are squished against our pillow!

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4. Not Having A Shower Filter

Whether you have hard water or not it’s probably a good idea to get a shower filter! It will remove chemicals, water deposits, and anything else we don’t want in our hair. Your hair and skin will thank you later!

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5. Not Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

Give your hair a good brush before bed, just to get any tangles out, and also distribute your natural oils down to the ends of your hair. This is also a great time to use your dry shampoo if you choose to, brush that through, and sleep in a loose braid! To help promote hair growth, a nice scalp massage to really get the blood flow from your scalp is incredibly helpful.

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Remember, starting a healthy hair journey doesn’t have to start all at once! There is nothing wrong with slowing transitioning products or the way you may do things. Read our other blogs for our favorite product suggestions, HERE!

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