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Must-Haves for Winter!

Winter is right around the corner which means our hair is going to need a little extra help! Using even just 1-2 of our must-haves will help promote moisture and healthy growth and will make your life a whole lot easier!

Can you guess what our #1 recommendation is going to be?

F18 Mask

The F18 Mask is our #1 recommendation for increasing moisture and reducing frizz year round but especially in the winter. This mask has distilled Tamarind Oil, Pea Peptides, and Resurrection plant to create or rejoin broken disulfide bonds leaving hair healthy and looking manageable. I’ve used two containers of this mask and can’t recommend it enough! In-store only!

Seven Diamond Serum

The Diamond Serum is a new favorite for me! This product has all the good stuff including coconut oil and macadamia oil, plus this is Sevens best selling anti-frizz serum for dry hair! A little bit goes a long way and using this once a day will help reduce dryness and frizz! Shop in-store or online.

Innersense Scalp Scrub

Using a scalp scrub 1-2 times a month will help you get rid of buildup and any dry skin that may be leftover on your scalp. The True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub has a hint of peppermint oil & celery seed extract to stimulate blood flow, tea tree oil to help soothe inflammation and irritation, and apple fruit to restore hydration to the scalp! Shop in-store or online.

Adding just one of these to your hair routine will help you during the winter months to reduce frizz & dryness. Which winter must-haves will you try?

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