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Summer Hair. We Care!

Summer is officially here, and we want to share our favorite summer hair tips with you!

When it comes to long days out in the sun and pool your hair goes through a lot. Our hair can go through so much between the sun’s UV, pool water, lake water, and ocean that everyone needs a few tips to add to their routine to help their hair stay healthy and look great all summer!

Warning: Reading below may give you great hair this summer!


Swap Out Regular Conditioner For A Deep Conditioner

    Our personal favorites are F18 Hydrating Mask and K18. Everything we put our hair through, whether it’s excessive amounts of sunlight, lake water, or chlorinated water, it can all be drying. Additional moisture in the summer is always great, especially for all the curly girls!

    • This will promote shine, and keep your cuticle lying down and not so stressed.
    • Help keep your color longer as well!
    • The best part, help keep your locks detangled.

    Don’t Skip Your Oil

    Using hair oil daily is important at all times of the year but in the summertime, it’s especially important!  Your hair is exposed to lots of sunlight and chemicals that can be drying to your hair. We recommend using oil twice a day especially if you have extensions and after being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. We love the F18 Oil or the Seven Diamond Serum! 

    Be Careful About Your Sunscreen

    Sunscreen use is super important, but using certain sunscreens can leave your hair turning pink if you’re not careful! Be on the lookout for the active ingredient AVOBENZONE! Like many other products, it can discolor and cause damage to your hair.  We recommend mineral sunscreen for a safe application. 

    Try To Avoid Chlorine Altogether

    Chlorine can leave your hair dry and cause damage whether your hair is colored or not! To prevent your hair from soaking in all that chlorine, fully saturate your hair with fresh water before you get in. That allows less chlorine to soak into your hair causing dryness.  You can also work in a heavy leave-in conditioner like  F-18 and braid for extra protection! 

    Claw Clips 

    Claw clips are great when it comes to wanting your hair off your neck, they don’t pull, tug, or crease your hair like a regular ponytail might. They can also be used as an accessory! With so many sizes,  shapes, and colors the options are endless! Shop here for our favorites!

    Vibrant colorful claw clips are great for keeping hair up without pulling, tugging, or creasing
    Vibrant Colorful Claw Clips

    Scalp Protection and Trendy Hats

    Become a vibe, grab your favorite sunnies and a cool hat, not only will it protect your scalp, but also complete the outfit. Our scalp can often be an area we forget to apply sunscreen, wearing hats is a  simple solution to this problem and keep your hair color from fading. Make it a trucker hat or a cute bucket hat. (P.S. We carry the cutest GiGi Pip bucket hats, grab on here).

    Favorite Summer Hats!

    Snag your summer appointment here while you can! We currently have a few more openings left in June! Book here!

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