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How To Get The Best Results At Your Next Appointment!

Hair appointments can be stressful whether you’re seeing a new stylist or changing up your look!

Having a bad experience at a hair salon might be more common than you think. Most bad experiences start with miscommunication and that’s an easy fix! Let us ease your mind and give you a few helpful tips to make your appointment go smoothly.

Clean Hair Is A Must

Coming to your hair appointment prepared is something that can often be overlooked. Arriving at the salon with 1-2 day hair will leave you with the best results. Having lots of product, sweat, and buildup on your scalp makes it hard for the color, bleach, or toner to do its job to the fullest potential. Using a really good shampoo like F18 Purifying Shampoo or your everyday shampoo and getting a good lather will work great!

stylist washing clients hair in the shampoo bowl, picture taken at the side of the stylist on her left side

Don’t Lie About Your Hair History

It’s okay for your hair to be full of secrets but not you! Box color, store-bought bleach, and even henna can be damaging to your hair, especially when your stylist isn’t aware. Bleaching with box color or henna on your hair can make your hair very hard to lift and may even take a few appointments to get to your desired level if it’s possible at all. We want your hair to stay healthy and look great so just be honest!

Stylist applying bleach to clients scalp, picture taken from the top of the clients head

Come With Pictures

Inspiration pictures are great for you and your stylist especially if you’re not sure how to explain what you’re wanting. Our Instagram and Pinterest are great spots to find amazing pictures. Sometimes one picture won’t have everything you’re wanting so feel free to bring as many as you need!

Idea of inspiration picture for client to bring in! Photo shows a picture of beautiful red hair with beachy waves.

Hair By Aaliyah! Follow her on Instagram!

Be Specific

Let’s give you a few things to think about before your color appointment! Make sure to think about what type of tone you want, do you want highlights or more of a lived-in color, or do you want a full-on platinum card?! All of these are good things to think about and be prepared for your stylist to ask!

Idea of inspiration picture for client to bring in! Photo shows a picture of beautiful dark brown curly haircut!

Hair By Cas! Follow her on Instagram!

Product Maintenance

Having the right products can immensely improve not only the health of your hair but the longevity of your color! The right shampoo and conditioner should last you at least 6 months if not more depending on how often you wash your hair. You also only need the smallest amount of product for it to do its job! Using products with Sulfate and Parabens can strip the color and toner your stylist worked so hard to do! Salon quality products can be expensive but for the price tag on your hair, it’s worth it! Side note: You use less professional product than drug store purchased because it has fewer fillers and it’s more concentrated.

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