Curl + Coffee + Cacti


That is a million dollar question to hundreds of women who enter their bathroom, or salon on any given day.

Yes, I’m talking about your victims of your kitchen scissors! I remember my mom doing that when I was kid. CHOP, CHOP!


Here’s the thing, bangs can be so fun, but they can also be someone’s worst nightmare. Get them too short, leave them to long, or completely ignore them all together. Here’s some tips to find out if you really want some bangs to bang, hunny.

Also, your hairstylist will not judge you for cutting those little bangs, babe. However, we can’t make them grow back quickly, so cut a little at time if you must.

Wanting to keep your length, but really want a change? Try some cute bangs! However this is important when choosing your bang length:

  • Find your favorite part of your face. Do you have great lips? Stunning eyes? Beautiful cheekbones? Pick the feature that you’re obsessed with most and use that as your guide to where to start your bangs!
  • Doing that will bring that feature forward and let the world see it more, all while keeping your length.

Not all bangs look like this:

Some bangs look like this:

Whether you have curly hair or straight, bangs are the same, but different techniques and styles are needed depending on style and end goal.

Tips for a big bold bang:

For curls:

  • Start the bangs at the highest point of your head. Mean all the way in the back and push everything forward!
  • Part in the middle of your head for balance. If you like an asymmetrical look, you can part elsewhere, but one side will definitely be fuller!
  • Pick them out!

For straight:

  • Style first before any of your hair. Bangs will dry the fastest and dry funky so do them first.
  • Blowdry them forward, then to side to side for optimal finish
  • A flat paddle brush works the best!

What products do we use bangs?

  • Color Wow Raise the Root
  • Color Wow Xtra Large
  • Color Wow One Minute Transformation
  • Innersence I Create Volume
  • Innersence I Create Lift
  • Seven Blow Out Butter

All available to purchase here!

Best seasons to get a bang?

Girl, ever been sweaty, but your hair is sticking to you? When you’re ready for a change, wait for cooler weather because you will end up hating those poor innocent babies on your forehead.

Ever seen bangs with a cozy sweater? Its a legit hallmark marketing tool. So create your happiness babe and book that appointment for some BANGS!

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