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Let’s be for real, anxiety is a monster and it comes in all forms. Including hair.

So let’s chat about! Blog therapy, baby.

POV: View a salon on the gram, do a little light stalking, book an appointment and then finally it’s appointment day. Oh crap, you’re nervous. You’re about to trust a complete stranger with your confidence and praying you have someone that can be empathic to what I want.

Show up, open the door, get greeted and SHIT no one looks like you! Shit my stylist has shorter hair and you have long hair. Shit my stylist has straight hair and you have major curls. Do you walk out? Do you tough it out and stay?

Start praying the hair gods!

Here’s some tips to prepare so you don’t have this happen to you.

  • Do some research. Don’t do a quick call in or a quick social media dive.
  • Search local hashtags. Yes, hashtags are extremely helpful and just not something we do for vanity. It’s whole purpose to have consumers like you find people like us! Here’s some of our favorites.
    • #kchairstylists
    • #kchair
    • #curlyhairstylists
    • #kccurlystylist
    • #816hair
    • #kchairsalon
    • #bohosalon
  • Find a salon, check out the team members you think you’d vibe with!
  • Check out their website. See what the vibe is on their website, check out to see if they have clients that look like you.
  • Bring inspiration photos – have them ready and bring multiple because more than likely you will need a combination of multiple things. Hair is like snowflakes. Nothing is the same!
  • Find a stylist that can cut your hair completely dry so less surprises happen.
    • ALL curly girls, should have their curls cut dry, otherwise some scary stuff can happen potentially.

Be open, but be realistic. Trust that your stylist has undergone extensive education. Even if they do not look like you, that doesn’t mean they’re not skilled in the techniques you’re wanting.


Be prepared to talk about which products you’re using so we can dissect your current troubles.

When you’re using heavy or not water soluble products, but complaining about your hair being heavy, we need to know that so we can offer the better the route. There is a misconception that your hair needs all these oils and creams, but in reality your hair naturally creates oil and sometimes creams are so hydrating and heavy that it can lead to lack of volume and extra buildup.

Normalize talking to your artist and finding an artist that speaks your language. Metaphorically of course…If I’m looking for a interior designer and want a modern design, I’m not going to hire someone who specializes in “shabby chic or farmhouse”.

If I want mexican food, I’m not going to an italian restaurant and requesting tacos…Same goes for your stylist!


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