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What Your Stylist wants you to know…

We promise this topic isn’t scary! The truth is, there’s lots of things your stylist wants you to know before you arrive, or while you’re in her chair. Want to be in the know? Let’s get into it.

Professional. Products. Matter- and no, we are not trying to “up sell” you

We know that everyone who comes to us may not start out with the product knowledge we’ve worked hard to acquire, so no worries- we’ve got you! It’s our job as Stylists to guide you in the right direction when it comes to the health of your hair, and your longevity of your style.

We will be honest with you about the cut or color you want, and we will guide you

Dark hair and want to go blonde? Long hair and want to chop it off? We are all here for a transformation, Honey! …But not at the risk of damaging your hair. Changing your hair color, especially when going from dark to light, is a journey. Rarely can we take you where you want to go SAFELY in one session, so just know that if you’re wanting a dramatic change, your patience is key. Your stylist knows best, and if she tells you to strap in and enjoy the process, just follow her lead! The last thing we want is to cause damage to your hair just for the sake of a big transformation. When it comes to big changes, slow and steady wins the race.

Try not to be a wiggle worm in the chair

We understand- you want to see what we’re up to back there with those sheers and foils that seem to intercepting HBO. But girl- stay still! Movement can cause foils to slip, and in general, just makes it more difficult for your stylist to do her thing. We aren’t saying be a statue, but try to keep movement in the chair to a minimum if possible! We will celebrate with photos for the gram when the reveal is all finished- we promise!

You CAN pull it off, Babe!

Y’all- if we had a dollar for everyone who sat in the chair and said- “I want _____, but can I pull it off??” UM, YES HUNNY! Get the curtain bangs. Go Red. Chop it to your shoulders. Whatever you you want to become, we are here to make it happen safely, skillfully, and happily. It it’s realistically possible, we are here for it! Let us hype you up, and watch your confidence sky rocket as you rock your new look. We can’t wait for the transformation!

Bottom line? We are here for you! We want you to be able to feel comfy coming to us with any and all questions. Rest assured, we’ve got your back- and your hair.

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