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Coffee With Moxie; get to know the Women of Moxie by KC

Hey, Babes! Caroline here.

We’ve starting something NEW- a weekly video series called Coffee with Moxie. Get excited for the Moxie gals to “spill the tea” each week on the industry’s most controversial topics, as well as well as discuss all things life, love, fashion, and pop culture related.

We can hear the criticism now.

The rolling of the eyes, and the assumption that working in a salon must be nothing but drama. “It isn’t possible for so many women to work together and ACTUALLY like each other, is it?”. And to that, we sip our coffee and let the LOLs roar.

We get it. But we’re changing the course.

KC’s goal from day one when opening Moxie was to elevate the salon experience. In light of our team growing tremendously throughout our first year in business, we thought that the best way to continue bringing babes through our door was for all of our clients and potential clients to get a feel for who they’d meet when they sit in our chairs. And, we’re pretty entertaining if we do say so ourselves.

So, what’s it all about?

One thing is for sure- no one could ever accuse the women of Moxie for being subtle. Like, not even a little bit. Each stylist and team member has been especially curated to be a great culture fit in salon, and we’ve always got a lot to talk about. Each week, you’ll get your dose of informative and hilarious content from a different mix of Moxie Babes, and the topics covered in this series are not just hair related. Anything is fair game, and we mean everything! From body image to boyfriends stealing our hair products, from resurfacing 90s trends to the challenges of being a working Mom; each episode of Coffee With Moxie will have you feeling like you’re in your Stylist’s chair all over again.

Just to give you a little taste, here are some topics we’ve covered so far:

Body image, and the stigma women face every day to be small.

Trends of the 90s and 2000s making a comeback.

Balancing Working Mom life, and the dreaded “Mom guilt”.

Stylist spotlights with KC, and Damaris.

Most embarrassing moments of our professional careers

Whatcha wanna hear about?

We want to hear from YOU! What topics should the Moxie babes tackle next? Leave us a comment, or slide into our DMs.

XO, Caroline

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