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Holy Grail hair products we CANNOT live without

Hey Babes- Moxie here!

Let’s talk about the products we can’t live without.

The holy grails. The ride or dies. The MVPs. The PATRICK MAHOMES of hair products, if you will.

You catch our drift? These are the ones we’d smuggle into our bags through TSA pre-check if it came to that. You get the picture. Here are our Moxie Stylists with their top product picks.

Damaris’s pick: Style on Steroids by Color Wow

Why it’s her fave:

“Style on Steroids is such a versatile product. I love styling my clients with products that have multiple uses! Not only does SOS give you the texture you want, it also serves as a heat protectant- we love to see that versatility!” – Damaris

Caroline’s pick: Formula 18 Moisture mask

Why she’s obsessed:

“This product has COMPLETELY changed my hair! I’m ashamed to admit that before I started Managing Moxie, I never hair masked. I know, guys. As a life-long blonde turned red head this winter, my hair needed hydration, and it needed it bad. My favorite way to use F18 is to make a whole experience out of it. I wash as normal, and then wring out my hair before added a generous amount of F18. I comb it through with a wet brush, and put a shower cap and turbo twist on while I do skincare routine, watch a show, or read a book. I wash out an hour later, and my hair comes out silkier than ever!”- Caroline

Kylie’s pick: One Minute Transformation by Color Wow

Why she’s in love:

“This one makes refreshing curls a BREEZE. I love One Minute Transformation because it’s a game changer for my curly girls. Color Wow’s products are all water-soluble as well, which I love. It’s truly so versatile, and you don’t have to be a curly girl to use this product.” – Kylie

Caitlin’s Pick: Dream Coat by Color Wow

Why it’s her favorite:

“What’s not to love about Dream Coat? Not only do you get the INSTANT gratification of seeing your hair become the shiniest it’s ever been, but Dream Coat fights against humidity unlike any product I’ve ever seen. It also has memory technology, and lasts 4 washes in your hair so you can reap all of it’s benefits time after time. It’s seriously amazing.” – Caitlin

Julia’s Pick: Dry Shampoo Volume Paste by Eleven

Why she picked this one:

“I struggle with volume. You don’t need to use a ton of the paste for it to make a difference, so when you buy this, it’ll last you forever! I add this in on days I don’t wash my hair to absorb oil, and give me that little extra oomph I need to have voluminous hair I’ve always wanted!” – Julia

Jordin’s Pick: Dry Finish Texture Spray by Eleven

Why she’s obsessed:

“I LOVE the smell of this one! And I absolutely love that it gives a light hold without being too heavy on the hair. Your hair will look so full and fun- I promise!” – Jordin

Daphne’s Pick: Miracle Spray Hair Treatment by Eleven

Why she loves it:

“I love this product because I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to doing my own hair, actually! I absolutely love that it smells like coconuts, and prevents sun damage. It’s super moisturizing, and is used essentially as a leave-in conditioner. It never feels heavy in my hair, and because my hair is so long, it protects each strand as it doubles as a heat protectant!” – Daphne

Darcie’s Pick: I Create Volume by Innersense

Why she loves:

“I am obsessed with I Create volume because I can use it on multiple hair textures. My straight haired clients love it for volume, and my curly girls love that it makes their curls pop. Innersense products are all hypoallergenic, organic, and fragrance free, so I feel good about using them when clients are in my chair! I create Volume will make your style last.” – Darcie

Which one are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments! nAll products available in salon, and through our online store. XO, Moxie

  1. Nancy Deschamp says:

    Asking for advice!! My haircut was back in October. I ran out of my Innersense products and bought Innersense hydrating cream hairbath and conditioner and Sweet spirit leave in conditioner (spray).
    Maybe the Sweet spirit is too light for me, or I do not use it correctly. Currently, My hair is too dry and curls do not hold as long. Any advice is welcome!!! Thanks!!

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