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Meet Jordin Dunkeson, our newest Moxie Stylist!

Hi Babes, Moxie here!

It’s official- another talented stylist has joined our FEMMEpire. Meet Jordin Dunkeson!

This incredible stylist has an unconventional story as to how she ended up here with us at Moxie.

Jordin always knew she loved making people feel welcome, and loved. With that in mind, she decided to begin her professional career in the hospitality industry after completing her education at The University of Central Missouri. As a lover of coordination, Jordin thrived as a Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator. While she loved the experience of helping couples plan their most special day, she knew in her heart that something was missing.

Let’s do something fun

Jordin had a choice to make. Stay in event planning, or go out on a limb to try something totally different. Being the brave woman she is, she decided to take the leap of faith! For fun, she got a job coordinating clients at a salon, and fell in love with the industry. A new dream was born into her heart, and in 2019, Jordin decided to follow her new passion and attend Cosmetology School. After graduating, Jordin began working as an Assistant. The rest, as they say, is history!

What’s her vibe?

Well, we are here to tell ya- she fits right in with the Moxie babes! Words we’d use to describe Jordin include: talented, kind, driven, intentional, and dedicated. If you’re looking for a stylist who will listen to your every want, and give you the relaxing salon experience you’re seeking, Jordin is your gal. Let’s dive in to her specialties, quirks, and goals!

Jordin, what’s your specialty?

My specialties include (but are not limited to!) lived-in and dimensional color.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

That’s easy. Hands down, my favorite location to travel to is ANYWHERE with a beach.

What’s your favorite hair trend you’re seeing right now?

I’m super into boho braids. So fun, fresh, and cool. Bring on the babes- let’s braid!

Goals on the horizon?

This year, I’m really working on growing my clientele, building a following, and in general, just letting my heart remain open for new adventures.

Favorite go-to salon snack?

So many to choose from- but I have to say M&Ms and Dr. Pepper! Couldn’t live without those.

Book with Jordin today!

We are so thrilled that Jordin is a Moxie Babe! Link to book with her can be found at the top of the browser.

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