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Help! Which moisturizer do I need?

So it’s that time again and you need to choose a mask for your hair that keeps frizzing. Your stylist keeps preaching it, but you’re not convinced its even worth the time.

Here’s the thing – Frizz is just thirsty hair that’s reaching out to get a drink in the environment. Hence why every time there’s humidity your hair grows. There’s no hiding it, babe.

Not everything you see on the CGM or Ig is helpful.

When it comes to choosing your mask, keep it simple. Here are some of my favorite rules to follow:

  1. Consider the texture of your hair.

    Is your hair smooth naturally or is it bit coarser to the touch?
    If it’s smoother to the touch, spread your treatments out further from each other. If its coarser, up your treatments to once a week. Super curly or coily babes you definitely need treatments once a week.

  2. Leave it on and let it sit. I recommend getting a warming cap to really let it absorb.

    Sleep in it! Most products are going to tell you 10 minutes – I’m telling you if you want great results, sleep in it, or at least let it sit for 30-60 in a cap for extra moisture.
    Here’s a cap that works great!

  3. Don’t get wrapped up worrying about protein vs moisture. If you’re using proper products and your hair isn’t trashed, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

    If your hair is super damaged from heat, keratin treatments, or other chemical damage then ask your stylist to advise and do some repairing.

Here’s what ya need for successful treatment:

Scalp health…Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub for the win!

Use this bad boy before cleansing and get the scalp ready to receive all the yummy benefits from the products below.

Did you know you if you’re having buildup on the scalp, that can cause hair loss or stunt hair growth? Using all those heavy butters or oils is not doing you any favor, darling!

Hydrating Mask from Innersense

You can buy it from our website here!
Cleanse your hair and remove all buildup. If you’re using heavy products that don’t wash out easily you’ll need a detox shampoo. At the salon we love using Eleven Detox Shampoo.

After cleansing towel dry your hair, and comb Hydrating Mask through evenly, put the heating cap on and let it sit for as long as long as possible.

When time is up, just rinse it out and style like usual!

KC also loves Briogeo Repair, Don’t Despair.

Another great option for you and you can buy it via the link above or any Sephora.

There ya go! We hope these tips help when it comes to getting your hair healthy and fighting those frizzies.

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