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KC’s Favorite Products!

Hey There, KC here! Ready to share my favorite products with you.

Products are tough. Trying to find what’s best for you is so hard, especially when you’re being pulled so many directions. Kylie wanted to make it simple and make a go-to guide for the best products for your arsenal.

We’ve all been there….Go to the big box store, find a helper, and ask them what’s best for your hair type? They guess, because those are the “best sellers” and you say “Ok, thank you so much!”

Wash day comes and you start using these “best sellers” and you realize they’re way too heavy, or not heavy enough, doesn’t provide enough hold, or the worst…not what you needed at all. You shove them back in the cabinet and you don’t see them again until you’re spring cleaning.

Here’s the thing: I don’t believe in the “best seller” act when it comes to hair care. As an industry, I believe we need to be better and educate clients on what they want and NEED instead of making a quick sale. It’s all in how you use the product that matters!

Use this as a little guide to help navigate your product choices.

All Products are by Innersense Organic Beauty, which you can order though me by clicking this link.


  • Hydrating Hairbath and Conditioner
  • Color Radiance Line (sometimes if you think the hydrating is too moisturizing, switch it up)
  • Hydrating Hair Mask
    • Weekly treatments are best
    • Use some heat to really push the nutrients in!
    • Hell, sleep in it for great results!
  • Quiet Calm Curl Control
    • Great for straight and curly hair
    • Don’t use a lot of it, a little goes a long way… even for coily girls
    • Great for blowouts as well!
  • I Create Hold
    • Amazing for curls and you can cocktail with almost any product
    • Use a little on wet hair for straight hair to have a better blowout and hot tool styling
  • Hair Love Prep Spray
    • Awesome heat protectant and goes on wet hair. It’s foaming and bubbly and so fun to use!
    • Spray it throughout the hair and brush it through
    • If using for curly hair put on LAST, after gel and any other styling products so it goes on top. Then continue with diffusing.
  • Sweet Spirit Leave-In
    • You can use on wet and dry hair, great gym refresher, and day-to-day refresher
    • If refreshing on dry hair, make sure you get your curl clump hair strands going all the same direction
  • I Create Finish
    • I like to spray it on wet hair best and it speeds up drying time!
    • If you’re using dry and have curly hair, spray it on and continue to use low heat to set it.
    • For straight hair, spray and brush it though and finish your style.
  • Healing Oil
    • I typically enjoy using this on dry hair when everything is done.


  • Color Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Pure Inspiration Conditioner
  • Hydrating Mask
    • Bi-weekly treatments are preferred
    • Cap it and trap some heat in
  • I Create Volume
    • Awesome for blow-outs
    • Curling iron/hot curls
    • Natural curls for every texture, you can even put it in and let it air dry!
    • I’ve used this for coily girls to straight hair!
  • I Create Hold
    • Use a pump per side for curly hair and make sure the hair feels slimy!
    • Using for straight hair? Only apply through mid-shaft to ends, and brush through and blow it out!
  • I Create Finish
    • Spray on wet and/or dry (you can apply it to either wet or dry hair, or you can apply it both when your hair is wet and once it’s dried)
  • Hair Love Prep Spray
    • See above in the coarse hair section
  • I Create Lift
    • Can be used on towel-dried hair or dry for added texture.
    • Great for blowouts and curling your hair
  • Healing Oil
    • Love putting it on dry hair to finish the style

Fine Hair (gets greasy easily, curly or straight hair, small diameter hair strand)

  • Pure Inspiration Hairbath
    • It’s still very moisturizing and could take your hair a few weeks to get used to it
  • Pure Harmony Conditioner
  • I Create Lift
    • Add it on the roots and you can maximize volume for curls or blowouts!
  • I Create Volume
    • Keep it on the mid-shaft to ends
  • Inner Peace Texturizer
    • Use very little to add texture

When it comes to playing with products, no matter the hair type, I recommend not using any heavy oils or butters. It can create a cast around the hair strand, keeping moisture and nutrients from getting into your hair.

Now, go on with your bad self and go play with some products!

  1. Nancy Deschamp says:

    I had a curly haircut from Kylie July 21st, and I think Darcie styled. Was wondering what products were used, so I can use as reference for future purchases.
    Thanks, Nancy Deschamp

    • kylie crinnian says:

      We more than likely styled with I Create Volume and used Hydrating Hairbath and Conditioner. You can always purchase via our website as well!

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