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Not too bad for a girl who didn’t finish college.

You guys – I’m so excited to share something that literally came out of the blue and I’m honestly still a little shocked by it. Since everyone loves an underdog story, this is definitely one.

A little back story…

I never finished college. I went to make the parents happy and keep them quiet, but let’s be real, it wasn’t for me and I left within two years. Immediately after, I followed what I actually wanted to do and went to Paul Mitchell The School here in Kansas City. That was nearly 10 years ago…

Fast Forward…

After working at one downtown salon, one corporate salon, and gaining a bunch of non-salon creative experience, I opened my first business: KC Beauty, a 200 square foot studio. Finally, this year, I took a huge leap and opened a 2,000 square foot salon (with employees!) called Moxie by KC. I’m definitely NOT a business guru, but I absolutely love learning anything and everything business, and I’m quite proud to own my entrepreneur title. There’s so much more to hone with that title and I have a long way to go, but so far, we’re off to a good start.

To the news!

One day I was browsing through my countless emails and there’s an email titled “Missouri State Advisory Board.” Totally thought it was spam especially once I started reading it, and I even sent it to my husband to clarify.

To get to the point – I had been personally invited to be on Missouri State University’s Customer Experience Advisory Board to help create the curriculum and mentor the University’s students in their Customer Experience Certificate Program.

Don’t ever let someone dull your shine, friend. Own your creative craft!

Who would’ve thought: them wanting to invite a hairstylist on to help pave the way for the next generation of business owners and leaders? Not me! I’m so excited for this and there will be more to talk about later, but I wanted to share with you all first!

What we do as hairstylists is so important and allows us to connect with our clients in a way that almost no other profession or service can. From someone with no college degree, and who has almost a decade in a career that no one wanted her to pursue, this is a profound honor for me. I can’t wait to show what our amazing industry has to offer and shine light on just how special we are.

This is a WIN for all hairstylists, in my opinion.

Talk soon,

  1. Josh Bishop says:

    How’d the advisory board thing go?
    Different industry, same email. Not sure if I should pursue.

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