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Building a Passion Project During Covid-19

Like, what in the hell. No, really..What. In. The. Hell.

Hey you! Welcome back!

I told ya I was coming at ya with the good, the bad, and the fugly. This one is a little bit of everything mixed in. haha!

As you’ve seen before, you know that I’m transparent when it comes to almost everything. I’m always wanting help a creative businesses succeed especially when I feel like there’s very little help for us. So anything I can do to pave the walk way and let people learn from my journey, is what I want to do.

If you’re interested in business, continue reading!

Building a business is never easy, in-fact most people say its one of the most stressful and hardest moments of their life and I can confirm it totally, completely, kinda sucks. haha! However, I can confidently say – If you think building a business is hard, TRY DOING IT DURING COVID-19!

Business is booming and it was time to GROW!

One tip from everyone has is : Take your budget and almost triple it, however, what you don’t know…when you’re building something during a pandemic, take that tripled budget and inflate it even more. Oh, you can forget about any of your shipments coming in due to Covid-19 – shipping around the world and even state side shipping came to a screeching holt, or takes three times longer no matter how much you pay for expedited shipping.

Aside from shipping disasters, contractors being less than helpful, while bleeding you dry, finding a broker to accept international orders, licensing not working along with delay after delay, all while trying to run an existing very busy, but micro business, while simultaneously dealing with a constant panic inside of every bone in your body.

Surely It Won’t Get Worse?

I wanted to quit. I wanted to say screw it and walk away more times than I can count. I kept thinking to myself – “Do I really want to start a brand new business with the bad omen over me?” I felt like it was doomed before it had even started! I signed my 5 year long lease, and two days later, Covid-19 was making its way to the United States. I wish I had even a small idea as to what Covid was going to do, to the future of Moxie.

Our beautiful Innersense products, come from California. However, Cali was one of the first “Covid Hot Spots” and all my products were back-ordered, and had delayed shipping. Our shelves remained empty for weeks, unfortunately with no clear date as to when we could restock. Client orders stacking up and I couldn’t get products in to save my life.

When I was starting Moxie I was DETERMINED to build this fempire as debt free as possible. Late in 2019, I raised my prices, took that raise and re-invested every penny into building my dream salon home and a safe place for artist to thrive and grow. I took out one Square Loan, my parents offered to loan to us as well, so I wouldn’t be so stretched thin. So between my personal revenue from KC Beauty, Square Loan, and my parents we were ready to take the leap. I was so thankful for the help, even though I bawled like a BIG OLE BABY every time they brought it up. I was just so thankful! I’ve never really had the privilege of help, so it was hard to accept, but I knew if I didn’t want to take a higher interest loan, I had to do it.

Fun Fact: If you’re thinking of building a business, very few banks offer Business Loans to small businesses, due to the fact there’s such a high rate of small businesses failing.

Now, my husband and I are by no means a ONE income household. To survive, we need both of our incomes. However, I knew if I ever wanted to grow, I needed to seriously let my personal self sacrifice and re-invest it into my business. It was rough, shit, its still rough. I cut my pay completely, with the exception of bringing enough home to cover our car payments, some food, and utilities.

Everything is temporary.

When it comes to dealing with Covid and Moxie, we kept telling ourselves to be positive. You cry it out, and keep freaking going! When you’re building a passion project, its all you think about it. Its the first thing you think about in the morning, you’re working on it every hour of everyday, and you go to bed (if you can) thinking about it. If you’re working at your day job, then at night you work on the build. Wake up, and do it all over again. It can be lonely and suffocating at times, but working towards something special keeps you grounded.

To be honest, I love it. I crave it. I need a purpose and fueling my passion gives me LIFE. Except when it’s during a pandemic.

We’ve been shutdown for over a month as of today 4-17. The good thing about Covid is that now we can continue to build during the day, the bad thing is no more revenue coming in to help pay for it. So, we’ve resorted to dipping into our savings to finish it the bulk, then once we’re open, I will continue with my original plan and use my personal revenue to finish. Slow and steady builds the best foundation.

Slow and Steady builds the best foundation


  • Be smart, save your money
  • Be intentional with literally every penny you spend
  • Avoid loans if all possible. You will be thankful in the long run! Loans are where businesses get caught in a trap and I promise you, the next time something like this happens, you’ll have very little help with no bail-outs.
  • Have not only a savings, but having a business 911 savings, as well as your personal savings.
  • Its OK, if you’re scared. That means you’re cautious!
  • Your feelings are VALID. You won’t be positive all the time, in-fact you may have some more down feelings then positive. Just know you’re badass and strong, otherwise you wouldn’t be crazy enough to try to open your own business!
  • Find a mentor
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Shop for contractors….I took a recommendation and it backfired. haha Ya just never know!


Also, if you need a laugh watch our new YOUTUBE with my husband styling my hair! Its long, but it’s so funny!

Enjoy, and be safe everyone!

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