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Becoming A Plant Parent!

I worked at a plant nursery in high school and if a 17-year-old can learn how to take care of 100 different plants I promise you can too. Keep reading for our Plant Parent Guide!

Having a green thumb doesn’t come easy to everyone so let me spread my knowledge on how to keep plants alive and thriving!

Becoming a plant parent can take a lot of trial and error especially if you’re self-taught. Let’s go over the basics of plant care before we talk about anything else.

The Basics

You’ve picked out your new plant and now you’re back home and have no clue what to do.

Let’s talk pots!

I never leave my plants in the pot I bought them in, they’re normally not cute, tiny, and plastic. The only thing I BEG you to pay attention to is that there is AT LEAST ONE drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. No drainage hole = dead plants if you’re not careful. I like terra cotta pots because they’re porous but they’re not everyone’s vibe. Ceramic pots are a runner-up for me, they come in lots of different sizes and colors.

Potting Mix

You can make this step as easy or as hard as you’d like. Any generic potting mix will do great on its own but I like adding more things in.

If you want to make your own here’s what you’ll need:

  • Storage Bin (or any big container)
  • Potting Mix – 2 parts
  • Perlite – 2 parts (speeds up rooting, improves aeration and drainage)
  • Orchid Bark – 1 part (improves soil drainage)
  • Horticultural Charcoal – 1 cup (fights bacteria)


Improper watering is probably the #1 reason that plants die! I always wait to water my plants till the soil is completely dry. You can also buy moisture meters if you’re second-guessing yourself, just make sure you wipe the end off with a paper towel after each pot. When it comes to watering your plants you have two options.

  • Top Watering is the most common way to water plants, just get a watering can, cup, or whatever you want to use and keep watering until water pours out the bottom of the pot.
  • Bottom watering is more time-consuming but effective. You need a big bucket or bowl, fill it with a few inches of water, set your plant in it, and wait 15-30 minutes!

I water my plants once a week/every two weeks or longer depending on what it is!

I like to play rainforest simulator sometimes too, just fill your shower with plants and turn it on! It also helps get dust off the leaves.


I am horrible at remembering to fertilize my plants, feel free to plant Mom shame me. You should be fertilizing your plants at least once a month to encourage healthy growth and add nutrients back into the soil. I’ve heard mixed reviews about fertilizing in the winter, but if your plant is still producing new leaves you can keep fertilizing. If it stops popping out leaves, (this is normal in the winter season) just wait till spring before you fertilize again!

Here are some fertilizers I’ve heard amazing things about:

Plants will quickly take over your life and your wallet but it’s a great life to live. Once you get the basics of being a plant parent down you’ll quickly have a forest in your home! I hope all these little tips and tricks help you keep your plant babies alive!

Want to learn more about plants? Let us know and we can do a part 2!

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