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Trending Hair for Fall 2023

Hair trends constantly come and go and staying on top of them can be hard. I’ve noticed a few trends that have stuck around for a few years in a row which is great for the babes who don’t like big changes.

a picture of our salon from the back, at the bottom of the picture is our lay down shampoo bowls, then our baby pink color bar then our stations

Dimensional color and copper/auburn colors are the two that seem to never go away, especially in the fall. A lot of us pay big money for our hair and want to keep it for more than a few months. Keep scrolling for some changes you can make for fall!

1. Copper Hair

All the warm tones come out during fall so why not add some to your hair? Going copper can be a big commitment but when the color is as stunning as this picture why wouldn’t you?! There are also many different variations of copper so if you don’t want to go quite so bold you could make it a deeper color or even do more of a strawberry blonde! 

Copper colored hair with wavy curls
Hair By Aaliyah

2. Shag Cuts

When you look up inspiration pictures of a shag 90% of them will be on straight or wavy hair but curly girls don’t be sad. This cut looks bomb on you too! Shag cuts might be scary to some of you but it’s just a heavily layered cut. It gives you lots of fullness around the crown of your head and frames your face with feathered layers.

A curly blonde shag that shows off all the layers
Hair by KC

3. Warm Blonde

Everyone has their own opinion about what tone of blonde looks best, I think a lot of people shy away from a warmer blonde because they don’t want it to be yellow or brassy. This picture is the perfect example of how you can have a nice warm/neutral blonde without those unwanted tones. Plus warm hair tends to look brighter than cooler hair because it reflects light. So if you always feel like your blonde is super dark try going more neutral!

Super long blonde hair that is warm/neutral.
Hair By Damaris

4. Chocolate Brown

Did you know there are different shades of brown with different undertones? Most people think blonde hair is the only one that can be warm, cool, or neutral. Chocolate brown hair falls on the neutral side of the scale and complements everyone’s skin tone. During the consultation of your next appointment have your stylist pull out the color swatches and you’ll be able to see the different tones!

Long chocolate brown hair.
Hair by Riley

5. Bobs

I think almost all of our moms gave us a bob with bangs when we were little, it’s a right of passage at this point! Bobs are such a classic haircut and they are so popular right now. Typically, a bob will hit you at or just below your jaw and is straight-cut all the way around. Will you bring the classic bob back?

Cut by Damaris

If you’re anything like me and scared of big changes to your hair just remember it’s okay to slowly transition! I hope you love all these examples of trending hair for fall! Do you think you’ll try one of these trends? If you do be sure to tag us on Instagram! To book your fall appointment, click here!

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