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A roll in the sheets type of style.

Have you ever wanted that perfectly imperfect hair but you can’t seem to get it? We all know that sometimes our hair looks best when we put the absolute minimal amount of effort into it.

Whether you’re curly or a straight girl there are always some tips to get that sexy, “roll-in-the-sheets” hair you like. You know, that perfect, out of bed messy bun that you can never seem to recreate?

Here are some easy tips depending on the hair you have:

Air Drying:

Everyone can airdry. It doesn’t matter the texture and it’s honestly the best thing you can do. However, some heat is not bad, it’s all about balance. 

Best lazy girl products:

  • – Texture Spray – we love Style On Steroids by Color WOW, or Swept by SEVEN.
  • – I Create Lift by Innersense. 
  • – One Minute Transformation by Color WOW
  • – I Create Shine by Innersense 

All these products are approved for curly and straight, but they need to used differently.

We have a detailed blog coming on all these products this week so make sure you sign up for notifications and get the deets.

Lazy girl tips:

If you air dry your hair, do this: 

  • Put your hair back all the way on top of your head so your hair overdirects the opposite way it naturally wants to lie.
  • Doing that will have you waking up in the morning with maximum volume and you can smooth it out however you would like.

🔥 hot tip: use a big sleeping scrunchy and don’t use an actual hair tie that will cause breakage.

If you have curly hair, sleep with your hair all the way up in a sleeping pony on top of the highest point of your head. Your curls do need to be dry though, otherwise its hard to come back from that.

However, if you have some messed up curls, try using One Minute Transformation, I Create Lift, or I Create Shine and rolling those ringlets so you can reform them.

Remember, some frizz can be sexy and it gives you volume, so try to embrace it!

When your hair is completely dry, always add some texture spray back into it because that is the be-all end-all, baby! Give it some volume and get that sexy texture like you’ve had the best night out.

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