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Guys, I’m so excited to share that we have a new and very improved booking system!

Download the Vagaro App for iOS or for Android and create your OWN client profile and have complete control of your appointments (and don’t worry, you don’t have to, it’s just easier)!

Hey Kylie, can you tell me when my next appointment is? I forgot!

Now, you can:

  • Book online, easily find the earliest available appointment for the type of service you need, and explore the full menu of services
  • Check your appointments and history
  • Reschedule (stuff happens! Reschedule on your terms and not have to wait on me to get back to you!)
  • Cancel your appointment
  • Join the waitlist and immediately be notified when a rare last-minute opening occurs.


  • Get a 48-hour confirmation text and email for your upcoming appointment. Need to reschedule? Do it, sister!
  • Get another 24-hour reminder via text and email.


All my friends and clients know I respect people’s time – something I try to instill in my assistants – and I definitely love boundaries. It’s no secret that my guests often have a hard time getting in to see me. And not only that – this is my livelihood.

Three things I preach in my classes are:


With that said – moving forward, failure to follow our cancellation policy will result in cancellation charges and potentially not being allowed to book again.

Isn’t that THE price of doing business?

No, overhead is the price of doing business. Paying credit card fees are part of doing business. Eating $300-$400 because of guests who don’t respect time or fail to follow basic instructions when given it at their fingertips multiple times? That is not the price of doing business.

Luckily, the vast majority of our guests are so respectful I feel like I will not have to enforce this often. However, to protect my team and business, I will when needed.

I’m so excited!

This new software will help streamline the business, reduce administrative time commitments (allowing more time for my assistants to work hands-on and grow their skills), and positively impact the client experience. It also makes it way easier for my assistants to book their own clients, manage a rewards program (coming soon!), keep track of client info – like formulas and histories – to ensure consistent service, and free up more of my time to do the work I so love to do: help my clients realize their hair potential.

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