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A workshop just for the curls! We are so excited to bring yet another year of Curl PWR to empower humans of ALL ages to love and embrace their natural hair. Moxie By KC is changing the game of curly hair by ending generational trauma and the stigma around curly hair that has been deeply rooted in our society for generations.

What is CURL PWR?

Curl PWR is a workshop where you can bring your favorite curly human and learn how to wash, style, and provide support through life that is otherwise lacking. We end texture trauma and provide you with all the resources on how to educate you and your tiny on all things curls, products, and refresh.

What to expect?

You as the guardian will do all the styling and the Moxie girls will assist and guide you through the whole process. That’s right, you’re styling. Not us. Curl PWR is all about education! The Moxie team will help you from start to finish so you know exactly what you’re doing when you go home.

How will this help you and your little?

We have heard countless stories about parents who are incredibly stressed because they don’t know how to help their children with their hair. No more hair fights because you don’t understand the struggle and or how to handle their beautiful texture.

Gain the confidence to tell the haters what’s up! Your hair does not make you, but it adds to your whole personality and confidence, and ending curl trauma is what we’re best at. Learn to love and cherish the real you and not hide possibly one of your most beautiful features.

What’s included?

  • Get a goody bag full of our favorite products.
  • A specialized blog that is created to be there for you when we can’t.
  • All the education you need to conquer hair washing day.
  • Some beautiful hair!
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We can’t wait to see you all at Moxie By KC on June 20th. Buy tickets here and then call the salon to get your tickets finalized by setting an appointment for the event!



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