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Hair Must-Haves

Knowing what is good and bad for your hair can be hard but we want to make it easy for you. Let’s talk about all of our favorite hair must-haves to help you keep your hair healthy and looking great!

Styling Clips

All of our Moxie Curls babes know exactly what these are used for. If you haven’t been in for your curly education appointment don’t worry! Once you’ve shampooed your hair and put your styling products in you’ll clip your roots to give your curls that extra volume. You can air dry, diffuse, or sit under a dryer if you have one at home! These clips are a great way to give you that extra volume without using a bunch of products. Shop our Moxie Gold Styling Clips, HERE! Or shop our Amazon Storefront, HERE!

Scrunchies, Teleties, and Nylon Hair Ties

Scrunchies are a classic for obvious reasons! We have some in so many different sizes, colors, and fabrics. These hand-made satin scrunchies reduce frizz, help prevent damage, and won’t pull or tug on your hair. Our scrunchies are hand-made and guaranteed to last for a long time. Scrunchies work well for all hair types and provide the perfect accessories for your style. If you want to shop these scrunchies, shop HERE!

Teleties are a new favorite for me! When I first tried them I was nervous about them pulling and getting caught in my hair since I personally have fine hair. To my surprise, they didn’t pull, get caught, or crease my hair. Teleties are made of super durable plastic, they come in lots of different colors, sizes, and patterns. They also work great on all hair types! Fun fact: When they get stretched out, boil them and they form their shape back! Shop our Teleties, HERE!

I’ve been using nylon hair ties forever and I love them! They don’t pull or crease, they stay in place even while working out, and they don’t give me a headache. They come in a bunch of different colors, we have a few packs of the Barbie ones left so definitely get them before they’re gone! These work on all hair types from super coarse to baby fine. Shop the Barbie hair ties, HERE! Shop the recycled hair ties, HERE!

Satin Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases are great for more than just your hair, they’re amazing for your skin. Since they’re silky they reduce friction, causing less frizz and helping prevent wrinkles. I’ve used a satin pillowcase for years and I can tell a difference in my hair! Especially if you’re a curly girl or have extensions, these types of pillowcases are best to keep from having to constantly refresh your hair the next morning. KC even has Miss Cha Cha, her toddler using one. Bonus: They still cool all night so you’re not has hot, unlike a normal pillowcase. Check out our satin pillowcases, HERE!

Head Scarf & Hair Turban

Just like the pillowcase, these are an additional layer of protection for your hair during the day, night or even out of the shower for a quick dry.

We have two different kinds:

Completely satin ones or we also have micro-fiber that are reversible. These can also be used to protect your hairstyles overnight and can enhance your waves or curls. These can be used on all hair types! Shop the Head Scarf, HERE! Shop the Hair Turban, HERE!

Maintenance, babe.

Try to remember using good products and having good protective measures can only do so much when you need a haircut! Having healthy hair shouldn’t be hard, stressful, or frustrating. If you finished the blog I’d say you’re off to a great start for getting your hair healthy!

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