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DIFF Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses and why not support a charitable eyewear company while you’re at it? DIFF eyewear has changed over 3 million lives and counting through their Gift of Sight partnership with Sightsavers! Check out that organization here!

Picture of 6 Diff sunglasses we carry, the first pair is black, then blue, then pink, black again (different pair),  pink again (different pair) and then brown
These are our fav sunnies from them!

Having trendy, good-quality sunglasses while giving back to charity, what could be better?! You can also turn almost all of them into prescription sunglasses by taking them to your local optician!

I can see! Before I could not write. After I was operated on, I could write, play football, and ride a bicycle. I’m happy!


Gia Sunglasses

These sunnies will catch everyone’s attention whether you’re wearing black or pink. The Gia sunglasses are oversized yet sleek with a hidden frame! These can’t be made into prescription sunglasses because the frames don’t pop out. These sunnies are $105!

pink sunglasses
Damaris is wearing our Gia sunglasses in pink! Shop HERE!
black sunglasses
Aaliyah is wearing our Gia sunglasses in pink. Shop HERE!

Becky Sunglasses

Our Becky sunglasses will give you a one-of-a-kind look with their unique cat eye shape, oversized silhouette, and stunning blue lenses. These will add the perfect pop of color to any outfit! This pair can not be turned into a prescription pair because the frames don’t pop out. These sunnies are $98.

Billie Sunglasses

These fiery tortoise sunnies with black frames are perfect for any outfit with their neutral colors. The Billie sunglasses are a classic square shape that looks flattering on every face shape. These can be made into prescription sunnies, just take them to your optician! The Billie is $109.

Genevive Sunglasses

Another sunnie with an oversized frame gives you a chic look with metal details and neutral colors. This pair is perfect for babes who love all shades of brown. Can you guess what celebrity these sunglasses pay homage to?! Get Genevive turned into prescription sunglasses by taking them to your favorite eye doctor. Genevive are $119.

brown sunglasses
Damaris is wearing our Genevive sunglasses. Shop HERE!

Clarisse Sunglasses

These are STUNNING turquoise, ice crystal colors with mirrored frames that will brighten up your day and another oversized frame with a hint of gold and a cat eye shape. Take Clarisse to your optician for prescription sunglasses. The Clarisse sunnies are $105.

Epic Eye Center in Kansas City even does mirrored prescription lenses for your favorite glasses!

blue/green sunglasses
Riley is wearing our Clarisse sunglasses. Shop HERE!

Bella Sunglasses

A bright pink tortoise, pink mirrored sunnies with a square frame is the perfect addition to your sunglasses collection. These sunglasses are a show-stopper and perfect for all our pink-loving babes. If you want the Bella sunnies to be prescription just take them to your eye doctor! These sunnies are $105.

pink sunglasses
Kylie is wearing our Bella Sunglasses. Shop HERE!

Wearing trendy sunglasses and giving back to people all over the world could not be easier!

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