Girl! So nice to meet you!

To give you the the very best experience, let’s chat before we book!

This helps us to get to know your hair type and what you’re trying to accomplish with your style right now to see if we’re the best fit for each other. It also helps us prep so we can be 100% ready for the consultation!

Book and fill out our client form via this link or on the Vagaro App by searching "Moxie By KC"

Things you should know:

If we feel like we’re the best stylists to help you, you’ll receive an email with a link to book your appointment and prep instructions.

Kylie specializes in curly, super curly clients and clients who are seeking balayage or hand painting services.

New appointments are scheduled 4-10 weeks out.

What to expect with your curly appointment:

When you're coming for a curly appointment you want to come with your hair styled curly so we can properly estimate the product choices and what type of cut would be best. 

What to expect out of your Balayage appointment:

Balayage is for the babe wanting banging hair, but wants freedom away from the salon as well.

Depending on the desired look you're wanting, Balayage is 100% session work. Meaning, you won't get your dream hair in one session as it’s a longer process, but it’s also lower maintenance. Who doesn't love that?

The low-down:

Kylie tries to keep all sessions under 2-4 hours, but depending on density of hair it could be more. 

Fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will be able to figure out a game plan just for you.